Philcon 2012


In addition to our diverse program of panels and workshops, we invite you take part in a variety of activities taking place throughout the event. Enjoy RPGs, card games, and war games in our open gaming area; dance the night away at our costume ball; and see costumers present their amazing creations in our Masquerade!

Read below to learn about just some of what is in store.



In addition to open gaming, tournaments and demos in the area just outside of the Dealer's Room, you can also enjoy relaxing and gaming with others in the Philcon Gaming Suite!

Gaming Suite

Open Friday 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Saturday noon to 2:00 a.m. [Potential Sunday hours based on hotel arrangements].

Assorted board and card game bank available. Play our games or bring you own favorite and find someone to play along. Hang out, play and chat with other gamers.

Scheduled Games

  • Dread (RPG) [2-3 hours. 4-6 players - Need to pre-register] Saturday evening 8 p.m.
  • Looney Labs Fluxx demos (including the new Oz and Cthulhu Fluxx)
  • Ice Dice demos available at all times.
  • Late night Are You a Werewolf, Friday and Saturday starting at 11 p.m.
  • Tsuro tournament Saturday at 2 p.m. (Winner gets the game.)


Dread is a survival horror roleplaying game. It is intended for single session play. Getting to the end of play promises to be a tense, exciting ride, though. Dread is notorious for using the dexterity game Jenga as its resolution mechanic. When a character undertakes an action that is important to the narrative, that character's player must approach the Jenga tower and remove a block. If the tower stays upright, the character succeeds and play carries on. If the tower falls, that player's character dies or is otherwise removed from play. Note that this mechanic is used to create tension, not to assess your Jenga skills. Don't hesitate to play based on your Jenga experience or lack thereof. It also has a distinctive, but less famous, character creation system: the GM - called the Host in the book - creates questionnaires (each one is different) that the players fill out. Many of the questions will be deliberately leading, and the answers the players come up with describe the characters' skills, ties to the situation, and personality and background hooks. Characters do not need numbers or special powers thanks to the genre and the resolution mechanic. NOTE: Potentially adult content (but GM will tailor and censor based on the group of players).

Meet the Pros/Art Show Opening Reception

An opportunity to meet with the professional writers and editors who are part of our programming this year, as well as the artists who's work makes up this year's Philcon Art Show!  This event takes place in the "Promenade" area outside of the Grand Ballroom.

The Dance at the End of the World

According to "Ancient Mayan Prophecy" (*cough*BUNK!*cough*), the world is going to end on December 20th!  Or the 21st!  Or the 31st!  Or in 2013!  Or something!  Well, if the world is ending, what better excuse is there to kick back, enjoy ourselves, and shake some booty!  Enjoy an evening of music and dance with DJ Gil Cnaan (the host of Philadelphia's own Steampunk Celebration, Dorian's Parlor)!  Costuming and unique fashion is encouraged... dress to impress or distress!

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